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Supporting you.

Email support. For the most effective support services, please send us an email describing what suport you need and when you need it. All emails will be handled in priority sequence and you will be notified of your support status.

Hosting Setup

DNS: Provided upon subscription
Change your DNS with your Domain Name Provider.
May take up to 3 business days to take effect depending on your Domain Name Provider.

Default email: Username@yourdomainname.com
This email account catches ALL emails other than the ones you have created.

Login: Username provided
Password: Password provided

Control Panel

Control Panel Access: yourdomainname.com/cpanel
Allows access and control to all your hosting features.


Webmail Access: yourdomainname.com/webmail
Allows access to your email online.

FTP Setup

Applications: CUTE or TRANSMIT
FTP: ftp.yourdomain.com
Login: Username provided
Password: Password provided
Port: 21
Directory: /public_html

Email Setup

Account Type: POP
Description: WORK or PERSONAL
Email Address: yourname@yourdomainname.com
Full Name: John Doe

Incoming Mail Server: mail.yourdomainname.com
User Name: yourname@yourdomainname.com
Password: Password created

Outgoing Mail Server: ISP Mail Server
(ie: shawmail, mail.telus.net etc.)


Phone: 604 726 7081

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